Flag Rental Conditions

  1. The FLAG is available to suitable outside organizations on a four-wall contract with only the existing accommodations and/or equipment provided. Any additional equipment is the responsibility of the renting organization with the prior permission of the FLAG Theatre Board of Directors. Only FLAG personnel shall operate existing FLAG technical equipment including sound, lighting and special effects.

  2. RATE: The FLAG is available on a simple, one rate, block of time basis: $140 for 1 block=4 hours. One block of 4 hours is the minimum time available for rental. One FLAG technician is included with the building. Each additional hour or part thereof shall be billed at $35 each. Special rates are available for rentals of two days or more.

  3. TECHNICAL: Renting organizations must have at least one authorized FLAG staff person present to operate and/or supervise the use of lighting/sound, HVAC or any other FLAG equipment.

  4. CONCESSIONS: The FLAG operates and handles all monies from concessions and/or souvenirs sales at the FLAG events unless otherwise stated in a written contract.

  5. USHERS: The renter must provide own ushers.

  6. TICKET SALES: Renters shall handle their own ticket sales and staffing.

  7. HOUSE RULES: Renters shall not attach anything to the upstage (blue) walls upstairs or down. Any alteration or attachments to walls or stage must have prior approval of the FLAG staff member on property. No auditorium chairs may be removed. No door may be removed. FIRE EXITS cannot be blocked. Fire exits include two entrance doors into the auditorium from the lobby and two main floor stage doors upstage right and left. Any approved holes in walls or the stage must be adequately filled and approved by the FLAG staff person on property prior to renter’s final move out.

  8. GOLDEN RULE: The renters shall leave the FLAG as clean and orderly as they found it upon arrival. The FLAG staff person on property shall be the final arbiter regarding cleanliness and order.

  9. SECURITY FEE: All renters shall be required to provide the FLAG with a $100 security fee or at the discretion of the FLAG Board of Directors. This fee is not part of the rental fee. The security fee shall be returned to the renter upon final inspection of the FLAG staff person on property and only after receipt of the rental monies as stipulated in the renter’s FLAG contract.

  10. CONTRACT: The FLAG will sign a contract with each renting organization specifying all arrangements, rules, fees and services.

  11. INSURANCE: The renter must provide proof of the necessary liability insurance as stipulated in their FLAG Contract prior to moving into the FLAG.

  12. RIGHTS: The FLAG retains the right to terminate a renter’s contract at any time for just cause according to the renter’s contract. The renters will have their Security Fee returned following their final inspection less any amounts deducted for extra cleaning, building repairs associated with the renter or any renter/or renter patron imposed damage to the FLAG.

If you are in agreement with the preceding conditions you may fill out an application form.

To do so, please contact Craig Williams at 662-1601.